Happy Mother’s Day 2020

This Mother’s Day could prove to be one of the most special you’ll ever celebrate. Some Mothers are being kept away from their families and will need something to boost their spirits. Others will need reminding that there is hope beyond these trying times. Others simply need thanking for their love.

Here are a few ideas to make that happen. We’ll be posting this on LinkedIn, too, hoping to get more suggestions from you to share with others, watch for that.

Spend some virtual time together:  Here’s one that doesn’t cost anything but can have great meaning.  Get the whole family involved by setting up a video call with everyone and show her the love by reading letters to her.  Maybe include a virtual Mother’s Day meal or drink together.

Send her a memory book:  Sites like Facebook and Shutterfly allow you to make keepsake books with pictures and captions. These books are professionally printed and bound for a hardcover keepsake she’ll be able to look at again and again.

Gift cards now with greater meaning:  Send her a gift card to use when restrictions are lifted and at the same time support your local and favorite businesses.  Many local businesses that previously didn’t offer gift card options are now as they fight to survive.  Check out Mom’s favorite places to go, maybe her favorite local restaurant or her favorite hair ornail salon.

Homemade “experience tickets or coupons”:  For all those activities you would have typically shared with your Mom, why not make coupons instead and send them to her?  Maybe an experience of visiting nearby historic sites, museums or botanical gardens.  Maybe to have dinner cooked or the house cleaned.  Maybe just a smile and a hug from the young ones.  When times return to normal, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful weather together and provide her another day with even more memories.

Plan ahead and send her a care package:  What would your Mom treasure?  Maybe fun photos and/or sweet cards or drawings from the whole family.  Maybe notes from the family with their favorite memories of Mom?  Handwritten, heartfelt notes are free and often the MOST meaningful gift because they took time and they come from the heart.  You could always include some wine and get the same bottle yourself, sharing a glass together virtually.  Some popcorn, movie treats and a subscription to a streaming service or movie rental so she can binge watch TV and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Help with a passion:  Does she have a passion she’s always wanted to explore, develop or even rekindle?  Maybe she’s always wanted to try her hand at photography or learn how to cook French cuisine. Whatever her interests are, there’s probably an online class for it through sites like thegreatcoursesplus.com or masterclass.com.  Maybe you can send her the tools she needs to get started at home.