It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day 2020

The first Chocolate Chip Cookie was actually made by accident in Whitman, Massachusetts in an inn called the Toll House, yes that Toll House. In 1938, Ruth Graves Wakefield one day planned on making regular chocolate cookies but got the great idea of throwing in chunks of a chocolate bar into it. Much to her surprise, the chocolate did not mix well with the cookie and instead, it filled up with tasty chunks of chocolate.

That Chocolate Chip Cookie was a game changer in the cookie world.  Much like our Consultative and Interim game changers for your Accounting & Finance needs. Or the Direct-Hire game changers we can find for you.  Don’t you deserve the chocolate chip cookie of the Accounting & Finance world.  Call us today so we can give you a game changer to bite your teeth into.

Searching for Consultative & Interim Game Changers?

Our Associates are the game changers you need!  They deliver on-demand and on-time expertise to simply get it done!  No matter how mundane or complex the task, our Associates want to help!

Do you need additional Capacity & Capability? 

The CFO Suite helps companies deliver when resource challenges arise.  Our stellar network of talent allows us to present quality candidates quickly and efficiently. So, whether there is a need to fill the gap in a high-level specialty area or provide extra hands on deck to back-fill a routine position or fulfill a project need, we provide the resources you need.

How Our Associates Help Our Clients:

  • Interim CFO, Controller, staff augmentation & project management
  • Audit preparation assistance & coordination
  • Evaluation and planning for the new Revenue Recognition & Lease Accounting rules
  • Business process design & reconciliation
  • M&A transaction and integration clean up and support
  • IPO readiness & assistance
  • Financial and SEC reporting & compliance
  • Internal audit
  • ERP Implementation, Sarbanes-Oxley advisory, project management or execution assistance

We only work with the best. Our professionals typically have 15-25 years of relevant experience. They have the skills and experience to ramp up quickly and make an immediate contribution or support your team in achieving company goals or solving the issue at hand.


Executive Search Services – Game Changers 

Time and again we prove to attract the best candidates in the market.  Our consultative approach, founded upon years of practical experience in public accounting, industry and professional services, invests time to build a compelling reason to consider each client opportunity.  

  • We never simply match a job description to a resume
  • We focus on understanding your performance objectives
  • We specialize in targeted research to seek out the best candidates
  • We are uniquely focused in the executive finance and accounting space 
  • We find candidates that weren’t even considering a move

Our process for each search includes an individualized plan of action with an 8 step recruiting process.  Additionally, we are certified to perform behavioral profile assessments for potential new hires and even for your current team, further focusing on the true, long-term fit of the right person for you.