It’s National Strawberry Ice Cream Day 2022

It’s National Strawberry Ice Cream Day 2022

Sometimes, all anyone needs to feel better is a big scoop of strawberry ice cream.  Sure, it might seem to be a little cold for ice cream, but once you’ve started eating it, you’ll forget all about your chattering teeth and any woes you may have after the hustle and bustle of the holidays and the start of the new year.

Eating ice cream make you feel happy and helps with your mental health!

With a single swallow of ice cream, the orbitofrontal cortex at the front of the brain lights up in response. Science now shows what ice cream lovers have always known: a little bit of ice cream goes a long way in chasing the blues away. 

The science doesn’t stop there. Ice cream contains protein and fat, both of which our bodies need to help level our moods. On top of that, the amino acids you take in when eating ice cream, such as tryptophan, are known to increase serotonin production. That leaves us feeling calm, satisfied, and well, happy! 

So, take care of yourself today with a scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream!