10 Years – Happy Anniversary CFO Suite

I am so proud to announce that we have crossed another milestone in the history of The CFO Suite.  This month we celebrate 10 years since we were established. I take this occasion to thank our employees, present and past, families, and friends for all that you have done for us to get us here today.

I am blessed with the support of our exceptional team that has, not only driven our success, but made it fun.  It is your enthusiasm, support and dedication that allows us to reach new heights in client service and satisfaction.  I shall ever remain indebted to your contributions.

We are also grateful to our clients and customers who have trusted in us to help them find their game changers.  With your continued support I have no doubt we will continue to explore new heights!

As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary, we took a renewed look at who we are and the value we offer and thought we would refresh our website.  Take a look and let us know what you think!

Below we have shared some of our fun memories.  Enjoy and thanks for everything!


Brett Lawson    
Founder & CEO
The CFO Suite, LLC

The CFO Suite Team
I can never speak too highly of The CFO Suite team.  Our team works together so seamlessly, even though we are in different locations and in a remote environment. We support each other, respect each other and we truly have a great time when we’re all together for team meetings and trips. Now can you guess who’s who?
So much has happened in 10 years! Check out all the greatness!  

We had little CFO Suite babies.
We proudly celebrated high school, college, and military graduations!
We earned a spot on the prestigious SMU Cox D100 list 2 years in a row – 2016 and 2017!    
One of our missions at The CFO Suite is to help others and support our local community. We do this by donating time and funds to charities that are close to us – heart and soul.    
We’ve had a blast supporting many of these organizations in the process of helping them.  It’s a win/win in our book!