A Look Back on a CFO Suite Year!

Ok I get that we’re somewhat late with this email but I wanted to share with you a little about the year our firm had in 2018 and why I’m excited to lead such a special group of people!

Above is our family of The CFO Suite that makes it all possible.  It was a lot of fun this year enjoying some time in Vegas celebrating our success.

Please enjoy just some of the events and activities we were involved in and why this group is so special!


The CFO Suite Sponsored Houston Via Colori® The Street Painting Festival benefiting The Center for Hearing and Speech



CFO Suite sponsors HBJ CFO of the Year Awards & helps bust purse snatchers!

True Story: Sabiha and Kim exhibited lightening quick reflexes & impressive speed running in heels chasing a purse snatcher through the Hilton Americas where the HBJ CFO of the Year awards were held! With the help of a good Samaritan Lyft driver & some of H-Town’s finest bicycle cops, they helped bust a ring of purse snatchers that had been enjoying a pretty good run. Sorry we don’t have any pictures of the chase.


Our Dallas team being trained in axe throwing since you never know when the occasion may arise to wield an Ax!


Our Houston team simply
supporting another famous
team in Houston!

The CFO Suite sponsors the NTFB Taste of the Cowboys & Harvest events.