CFO Suite sponsors HBJ CFO of the Year Awards & helps bust purse snatchers!

True Story: Sabiha McConnell and Kim Parker exhibited lightening quick reflexes & impressive speed running in heels chasing a purse snatcher through the Hilton Americas where the HBJ CFO of the Year awards were held! The CFO Suite was a proud sponsor & the event was a huge HIT….however the mayhem that ensued afterward provided a different kind of excitement & spilled out onto the streets!

With the help of a good Samaritan Lyft driver & some of H-Town’s finest bicycle cops, Sabiha & Kim helped bust a ring of purse snatchers that had been enjoying a pretty good run (judging by the haul of credit cards recovered by HPD). Sabiha’s purse was recovered quickly & 3 criminals were placed in custody. Kim knew something was sketchy & was just about to get security when she saw them making their move & alerted Sabiha – that put them both in a good position to chase!

Though she is but small, she is mighty!

Sponsoring a successful event & fighting crime – all in a day’s work for the CFO Suite! Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Go to jail! That’s what!

Pictured from left to right: Jaime Chisolm, Kim Parker, Kathy Schrock, Sarah Collins, Kristy Boles and Sabiha McConnell.