We really are becoming YOUR Integrated Solutions Provider

Let us help you with your organization’s Technology needs
Now that The CFO Suite is an E78 Partners company, we are able to help you, in so many additional ways. This week we’re highlighting our stellar Technology Suite of Services. You’ll want to keep reading….

How we can help:

Talent Solutions
We provide technology talent solutions to fill a recent leadership vacancy and/or part-time leadership role.

IT Suite of Services | Digital Operations
Strategic IT Solutions, built for your organization. Provided as an ongoing services agreement tailored to the scale and needs of your organization, or a defined effort to standup and then transition IT capabilities to an internal team.

Cybersecurity Suite of Services
Enterprise-Level Security, for Mid-Market Companies. Provided as a security assessment for current security needs, or as part of an ongoing security services agreement tailored to the scale and needs of your organization’s threat profile.

Technology Due Diligence
A multi-faceted and independent view of an organization’s use of technology for business needs. Used to (1) provide an informed transaction value, investment needs and to identify risks for buyers, or to prepare for a transaction as a seller. or (2) as an assessment to leadership to identify risks and opportunities as a launching point for the planning of IT and digital initiatives.

Governance, Risk & Compliance
We identify inefficiencies, gaps, and bottlenecks within your IT organization by developing a risk plan, governance process, compliance controls, and more.

If any of the above are of interest or you’d like to know more Contact us today: info@cfosuite.com