Who We Are: Retained & Contingent Executive Search

Executive Search Services – Finding Game Changers 

Once again we are seeing a job market like no other.  A significant number of Americans are quitting their positions knowing there are record-breaking open jobs available to them. As companies struggle to deal with the “great resignation”, a sort of workers’ revolution and uprising against bad bosses and tone-deaf companies, we’re seeing more and more companies turn to our team to find them their next game changer.

Time and again we prove to attract the best candidates in the market.  Our consultative approach, founded upon years of practical experience in public accounting, industry and professional services, invests time to build a compelling reason to consider each client opportunity.  

  • We never simply match a job description to a resume
  • We focus on understanding your performance objectives
  • We specialize in targeted research to seek out the best candidates
  • We are uniquely focused in the executive finance and accounting space 
  • We find candidates that weren’t even considering a move