Retained & Contingent Executive Search


We discover, attract, and hire top talent quickly.

Accounting & Finance recruiting is all we do. With a combined experience of over 50 years of placing financial professionals, our executive search recruiters consistently deliver — we have a reputation for building long-term relationships with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Our Specialized Approach:

Your needs are unique and we consult accordingly.

We understand your resource challenges.

Our vetting process balances urgency and prudence.

We know the worth of game changing financial leadership.

We provide continuous feedback throughout the process.

Our Tailor-Made Process:

We put our expertise to work in crafting a specialized journey for you and our candidates.

1. Evaluating Your Needs

  • We seek to understand your organization and culture, the scope of the position, the ideal attributes of the successful candidate and the KPI’s for this position.


  • We then craft a compelling story in order to position our client opportunities to the appropriate candidate audience in the most appealing way possible in such a competitive landscape.

2. Research, Identify, Recruit & Screen

  • We execute an exhaustive search to create an all-inclusive list of potential candidates. We also identify new organizations and passive candidates to recruit and develop a database of specific targeted individuals.


  • We present your opportunity to these candidates, including the needs evaluated in Step 1 of our process.  Then we determine their interest level and obtain their feedback or follow up questions for the client.

3. Evaluate & Interview

  • Discussions are held with each candidate to understand their background, credentials, performance history, and how they measure against your opportunity.


  • For the few best candidates, we provide a written assessment aligned with the performance objectives prior to the candidate’s interview, along with their resume, and debrief with you prior to candidate’s interview(s).

4. Final Selection

  • Once a candidate has been selected, we facilitate negotiations of compensation and needs, recommending any changes to an offer that will speed acceptance by the candidate and assist in the candidate’s resignation process and help avoid any counteroffer situations.

5. Ongoing & Continuous Feedback

  • The search doesn’t end when a role is filled. A candidate on paper and a candidate in person can almost come across as two different people and inversely, a candidate may have a different perception of your organization than the one you want to convey.


  • That’s why before and after each interview and placement, we confer with you to better understand how the search is going and how the candidate is performing and fitting into your organization.


  • We also conduct similar conversations with the newly placed candidates to ensure outcomes for both the candidate and our clients have been met to gather as much feedback as possible for our next engagement.
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