5 Questions You Should Be Asking Candidates

You’ve seen their resume and they look great! Now it’s time to determine if they are right for you! So, what questions do you ask that will give a clear picture of who that candidate is and the value they could add to your company? Is making an offer (or not) the right move? Perhaps these questions can help. It’s challenging, to say the least, to know what those questions should be. Google “interview questions” and you’ll see hundreds to choose from. You probably have your favorite go-to questions but if you want to throw some new ones into this mix here’s 5 good ones suggested by our team.
#1: What is something unique you would bring to this role?
“For me this is a powerful question because it allows the candidate to sell themselves to you in their unique way,” says Associate Director of Advisory Services, Corey Allen. “It can also be a good indicator of their confidence level for the role they’re interviewing for. If they can’t tell you why they’re unique and special, it could be a red flag. All in all, if the candidate can answer this intelligently, it means they have really thought about this role and have come prepared to nail the interview. If they can’t, well, it’s time to dig a little deeper or move on.”
#2: What could your current company do to be more successful?
“This question can help reveal the real reason the candidate wants to leave their current job without having to ask flat out,” says Jaime Chisolm, Recruiting Manager. “It can also help you see whether interviewees are capable of seeing the big picture at their current organization. If the role requires a forward thinker, this question will typically spark further conversation during the interview.”
#3: How do you like to be managed?
“Interviewers should ask this question to see if their own management style aligns with the answer. You are looking for someone you and your team can build a good working relationship with. When a candidate answers this honestly (and you can probably tell) you’ll have a much better idea how well-suited he or she is for the role,” shares Kristy Boles, Recruiting Director. 
#4: Tell me about a mistake you’ve made and what you did to address that?
“We all make mistakes. It’s how we handle and correct them that shows our character, make us stronger and more adept. Admitting mistakes shows a candidate’s integrity and resiliency,” says Gary Bumgarner, Recruiting Manager. “Does the answer show humility and good decision-making?”
#5: What is one thing that you prefer to delegate to someone else and why?
“I love this question,” says Brittany Burke, Recruiting Manager. “Not only do you get a sense of the candidate’s management style, but you also get to understand what will put them off from being successful in this role. The “and why” portion is often the part the provides the most insight also. Do they provide a well thought out reason or instead utilize the time to complain?”
The best way to assess a candidate is to ask questions that are specific to the company or role, as well as high-level questions that give the candidate an opportunity to show their personality and ability to think critically under pressure.

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