Bring in the resources you need NOW, before YEAR-END gets away from you.

Get the help your team deserves!  

Be honest, wouldn’t it be great to get some help with your year end audit? Or maybe that special project that’s been on hold forever? Do you have a need on your team that you just can’t find the right person for? Or maybe work is being backed up and you need interim help? 

Whether it’s to fill a gap in a high-level specialty area, provide extra hands on deck due to capacity constraints, or back-fill a routine position; our stellar network of talent allows us to present high-quality accounting and financial resources quickly and efficiently.  

Contact us today to learn how we find you the game changing talent you need to get things done even in this historically tight candidate market!

Our consultants can…

  • Provide interim accounting and finance assistance to your team
  • Lead projects through to their conclusion, often as an impartial but experienced player
  • Provide audit preparation assistance & coordination
  • Address new revenue recognition and lease guidelines
  • Assist in financial and SEC reporting & compliance
  • Document processes including general assessments and improvement identification
  • Offer M&A transaction support
  • Prepare year-end information for External Auditors
  • Provide transaction support
  • Plan for holiday PTO or planned time off, as well as provide flexible resources
  • Complete budgeting or forecasting activities

We only work with the best. Our professionals have a minimum of 15-25 years of relevant experience allowing them to ramp up quickly and make an immediate contribution to support your team in achieving goals or solving issues.

Contact us today! Resources are in high demand!