How YOU Can Win the War for Talent

When surveyed, CEOs still say their biggest challenge is hiring and retaining talented employees. Many cite the reason why as the workforce becoming more decentralized, competition going global and millennials and Generation Z changing our priorities. The fluctuating landscape can bring hiring processes to their knees without strong talent strategies in place.

This is one place The CFO Suite can help. Nailing a talent strategy is the secret weapon in your war to win talent. Partner with our finance and accounting experts and consider the following:

Create a culture that prioritizes talent.
A sure fire way to increase awareness about something is to talk about it early and often. Start every meeting with a question about culture or employee retention. Dedicate company newsletter space to these topics or provide specific development training in these areas. What should you focus on when it comes to your company’s talent culture? Employees say it’s not free snacks and monthly awards – it’s operating with a crystal-clear mission, high-quality senior leadership, and robust career pathing. 

Build your brand as a top employer.
This is a big one – more than 75% of job seekers consider a company’s brand before they even think about applying for a position. What does this mean for you? It means you need to look beyond your website and social media accounts.  Focus on professional networks, third-party reviews, employee testimonials and community or industry awards. Think about how you can spotlight these features across your entire branding footprint.

Be sure to define the values of your organization, both how it’s unique and what it stands for, and clearly communicate why your organization is a great place to work.

Improve the candidate experience.

Job candidates today expect a stellar consumer-level experience, as though they just walked into the Apple Store or ordered something from Zappos. You’ll need more than just an excellent online experience; it takes a human touch to develop a relationship and convince candidates to become employees. Not everyone will make the choice to join you, but you can bet every one of them will have an opinion about whether your organization is worth joining. You can also count on them to share this information with other candidates on the market.

Engaging candidates with respect and genuine enthusiasm will make it easier to build and maintain a pipeline of great contenders EVEN IF you’re not ready to hire. As your needs change over time, you can rekindle these relationships.

Invest in first-class training and development programs.

As AI and automation continue to gain traction in our industry, you’ve got to decide how your organization will adapt. Give your team, especially the Gen-Zers, the opportunities they covet by fostering a culture of continuous learning and talent development. Companies that recognize this need and quickly respond to it will be able to attract and retain better candidates who will help propel your organization forward. 

Expand your recruiting efforts.

Recruiting firms are exceedingly helpful in identifying and hiring top talent. And in today’s market? It might just be the most important investment you make. Recruiters spend 1000% of their time recruiting, much more than a typical hiring manager, so you’re more likely to get a great hire and faster. At The CFO Suite, our recruiters know the ins and outs of the finance and accounting industry and know what it takes to be successful. In-house recruiting teams, not surprisingly, will struggle to bring that level of specific expertise to the hiring process.

As we’ve stated already, the need to attract and retain talent remains the #1 issue on executives’ minds. In this war for talent, it’s time for a new plan of attack.  Call The CFO Suite and benefit from our experience and expertise so you gain a competitive advantage in this war for talent.

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