When it’s BACK TO SCHOOL time for the kiddos, what does that mean for YOU?

It’s been a hectic summer juggling the kids, vacations, AND work. Now that the kids are going back to school, it’s time for you to revisit your own projects, initiative and deadlines before that “end of the year” work begins…YIKES!

We can help!

  • If you need a ready-to-jump-in resource, contact us.
  • If you have a project on the horizon and can’t imagine how it will get done, contact us.
  • If you need a long-term resource to fill in for a team member on leave, contact us.
  • If you need a team to “get it done”, contact us.
  • Whatever your need, contact us!

Our Associates…

  • Provide interim accounting and financial assistance to your team
  • Provide audit preparation assistance & coordination
  • Assist in financial and SEC reporting & compliance
  • Offer M&A transaction support
  • Complete budgeting or forecasting activities
  • Prepare year-end information for External Auditors
  • Provide technical accounting support
  • Plan for holiday PTO or planned time off, as well as provide flexible resources
  • Lead projects through to their conclusion, often as an impartial but experienced player
  • Conduct a process optimization review
  • Document processes including general assessments and improvement identification

We only work with game changing talent. Our professionals have a minimum of 15-25 years of relevant experience allowing them to ramp up quickly and make an immediate contribution to support your team in achieving goals or solving issues.