Dyslexia is a Superpower!

What makes you-you? What special edge do you have that makes you stand out? Maybe sets you apart from others? Something unique or provides you a different and often invaluable view of the world?
My daughters both have dyslexia. I used to believe this would put them at a disadvantage but now I see this as a hidden talent. For those who don’t know, dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that impacts an individual’s ability to break words down, a crucial skill involved in reading, writing and spelling.  People with dyslexia may be smart enough and motivated to learn but still struggle with basic literacy skills.
As a mom, and as a recruiter, this used to worry me. How would this impact them in the future? How will others perceive them? Would they be able to learn what they need for their dream futures? I’m sure most parents can relate to these questions even if their children don’t have dyslexia.
I learned that people with dyslexia often “miss the trees” but they do “see the forest.”  What this means is that they often see things more holistically. Often, they come up with unorthodox approaches to solving problems, thinking outside the box.  They can have better strategic and creative thinking.
Did you know that one in three American entrepreneurs have dyslexia? Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and Charles Schwab were all dyslexic.

“I seemed to think in a different way from my classmates. I was
very focused on trying to set up a business and create
something. My dyslexia guided the way we communicated
with customers.”

Richard Branson

Did you know that some of the greatest film actors and film makers have dyslexia? Salma Hayek, Whoopi Goldberg, Orlando Bloom, Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise are all dyslexic. 

“The advantage of dyslexia is that my brain puts information
in my head in a different way.”

Whoopi Goldberg

My girls will sit there and daydream over their homework. I used to think it was a lack of focus but often this is their approach to problem solving. Staring out of the window is how dyslexics work, letting their brain slide into neutral and ease itself around a problem to let connections assemble.
Many people with dyslexia demonstrate better skills at manipulating 3D objects in their mind or can see how things connect to form complex systems. Such strengths are likely to be of particular significance for fields like architecture, science and mathematics, where visual representations are key, even fashion or designers in general.
My point is that everyone has something that is unique to them, their superpower. The key to understanding what that is, is really all about self-awareness and identifying how you can take advantage of what you have or who you are. As I researched dyslexia it opened my eyes to how a superpower can often be misinterpreted as a weakness and hidden in plain sight. Maybe my story will help you find your superpower hidden in plain sight.

Kristy Boles    
Recruiting Director
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