Land Your Next Game Changer with the CFO Suite

We’ve never seen a job market like this and many companies are still figuring out how to proceed in this new economy. You may be shifting your priorities or business practices, which means you may also be restructuring your teams. Do you bring back furloughed employees? Do you bring in new talent? These are big questions with lasting impacts.

We talked to Kristy Boles, Director of Executive Search for the CFO Suite, and her team to understand how they give their clients a competitive edge in identifying and hiring top talent.

1. You want the best candidates.
“Our recruiters are hiring EXPERTS, skilled in identifying and attracting talent and then matching that talent with opportunities. We have relationships with some of the best (and elusive) candidates out there – passive candidates”, said Kristy. “A typical internal hiring manager rarely crosses paths with this type of candidate, focusing on those who have replied to a job posting.  Our recruiters spend upwards of 80% of their time actively building their network and know how to motivate these passive candidates to not only consider an opportunity, but to make a move.”

2. You need your new hire now.
“We spend 100% of our time recruiting, and let’s be honest – you don’t and can’t. During this time when you leaders have HUGE business decisions in front of you, this is clearly one to outsource.  We’re able to tap into our vast network, launch a hiring campaign, and feed your funnel.  Simply put, we have a sourcing and speed advantage because we are constantly working with first-class candidates who have already been screened and vetted,” said Sarah Collins, Recruiting Manager.

3. Our firm is specialized by position.
“What I love about this firm is that we’re a specialized Executive Search firm with in-depth knowledge of your specific position. Who better to hire a finance executive than someone who does it all the time?  We profoundly understand your need,” said Gary Bumgarner, Recruiting Manager.  “We will often have a better understanding of the role and technical skills needed for the position than in-house recruiting teams who may well struggle to bring that level of expertise to the hiring process.”  

4. We have a greater knowledge of the market.
“Not only that, if you’re recruiting finance executives all the time, you’re going to have a good understanding of what your industry is doing,” adds Gary. “This is where our team really shines. Through conversations with both clients and candidates, our team will be able to provide information on salary rates, expected benefits, available skill sets, career expectations, current hiring and market trends that you may otherwise never have available to you.” 

5. Top candidates choose to work with us.
“Candidates come to us!” states Cindy Frisch, Recruiting Manager.  “Through us they have greater access to a variety of positions, they mitigate the stress related to a search and save themselves time. We’re also able to provide significant advice and assurances that they won’t get lost in the resume shuffle and in the end, ensure they get what they deserve as opposed to what they are used to.”

6. Our recruiters are here to serve.
“We are highly incentivized to find you a candidate who will be engaged in the process and genuinely interested in the position, and when offered, take the job.  Why?  Because that’s the only way we’re paid.  We don’t get paid unless we place a candidate,” Kristy identifies.

7. You’re protected with strong guarantee periods.
“Recruiting is grueling, hard work. It’s not something everyone is cut out for – for good reason,” said Brett Lawson, Founder & CEO of The CFO Suite.  “Our team knows what they’re doing, and if you allow us to do it, you probably won’t need to use the guarantee that comes along with your contract. But knowing it’s there can instill more confidence in the process and in your decision to partner with us.” And with the final word Kristy believes, “above everything else to us, client satisfaction is paramount. It’s our mission to distinguish ourselves in the quality of candidates we bring and you’ll see us embody this mission every day. Bottom line, when partnering with The CFO Suite, you’re more likely to land an invaluable game changer for your team.”

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