Learning from outcomes…

I was recently playing catcher with my nine year old son when I overheard the pitching coach talk to him about learning from the outcome of your actions.  He also talked to him about learning and concentrating on what he should be doing as opposed to what he’s doing wrong.  At the time I thought how the advice could also be applied to his batting, but as I talked to the team here at The CFO Suite I saw that it could generally be good advice for everyone in anything they are involved in.

It seems that we inevitably focus on what someone is doing wrong rather than what they could be doing better.  We could even look at what they are doing right and then fine tune their behaviors if the outcome isn’t as you would have expected.  This is particularly true in the world of sales where we can often do everything right but the results don’t necessarily come as quickly or predominately as we would like.

As the pitching coach went on he told my son how if he focuses on what’s positive and how to improve, the bad habits and things he does wrong will naturally fix themselves and the hours of practice he puts in will shine through. The games ahead will show if my son is moving in the right direction for his pitching but I’m sure if nothing else the lesson learned will prove to be a good one!

Brett R. Lawson
Founder & CEO
The CFO Suite, LLC