Simplification of 10K Disclosures

On November 19, 2020, (in their latest efforts to modernize, simplify, and enhance certain financial disclosure requirements in Regulation S-K) the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted amendments to eliminate the requirements to provide selected financial data and supplementary financial data, and amended the Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) requirement to revise or eliminate certain disclosure obligations.
“Today’s rules will improve the quality and accessibility of the disclosure that companies provide their investors, including, importantly giving investors greater insight into the information management uses to monitor and manage the business,” said outgoing SEC chairman Jay Clayton in a statement. “The improved approach to these disclosures reflects the broad diversity of issuers in our public markets and will allow investors to make better capital allocation decisions, while reducing compliance burdens and costs and maintaining strong investor protection.”

The amendments are intended to focus financial disclosures on material information while simplifying compliance for registrants.

How We Can Help

SEC reporting itself can be an enormous burden on your operational, accounting, finance, and IT infrastructure. Having the appropriate, and sufficient, team, as well as being prepared will ensure a smooth process. Our stellar network of talent allows us to offer quality accounting and finance resources quickly and efficiently to fulfill the need for that extra capability or capacity, whether remotely or in person. Our experienced, game-changing consultants are ready to help you navigate your compliance efforts.

For Example:

  • Financial and SEC reporting & compliance
  • Audit preparation assistance & coordination
  • Interim CFO, Controller, staff augmentation, reconciliation & project management
  • Conduct a fresh start accounting readiness assessment
  • IPO readiness & assistance
  • M&A transaction integration, clean up and support
  • Conduct process optimization review and implement internal controls
  • Access to Project Managers, Subject matter Experts and Game Changers
  • Improve budgets and forecasting processes
  • Prepare the plan to fill open positions and define 2021 needs

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