What Does It Take To Land a Game Changer?

They change everything, from growth strategies to company culture to productivity levels. They breathe change, change is what they do, change is why we want them on our teams. But how do we identify or attract them? And perhaps more importantly, how do we land them on our teams?

Making Space for Game Changers
Game changers’ ability to deliver is unmatched. They can be larger-than-life; they can push boundaries. You’ll need to make space for them and be prepared to give them the runway they need to succeed.

  • Set Expectations:  Be clear about the business or operational gap you’re looking to address. Use this information to set expectations early, with your entire team. Be open about the goals in front of you, your plan to achieve them, and the roles to be played.
  • Be Patient:  You’ll want to quickly optimize your investment, but patience here will benefit everyone. Your new game changer will have a vision for where they want to go, but it’s difficult to know what to expect with a new hire, what’s realistic to achieve and within what time frame. Nobody delivers like a game changer, but you have to provide the space for them to do so.

Identifying and Landing Game Changers
The recruiting rules change somewhat when you’re looking to land a real game changer. There’s more at stake and your process should reflect that. The standard 20 interview questions won’t cut it and your typical job descriptions and criteria will need to be fine-tuned. Still, how does that “X Factor” present itself?

  • On Resumes:  Game changers’ resumes tell stories – success stories. Metrics, accomplishments, contributions are outlined succinctly and clearly. They are built around a purpose and paint a picture of someone you absolutely have to meet.
  • In Interviews:  Status-quo interview questions won’t get you far enough with a game changer. You’ll have to dig in deeper, into the how and the why. Your criteria for evaluating game changing talent must reflect the result you wish to see.
  • In Their Passion: Game Changers exude passion. You can see it when they enter the room; you can hear it in the tone of their voice. Tap into that drive and work to gain a deeper knowledge of where it comes from and how it can propel your business forward.

At The CFO Suite, we find Accounting & Finance Game Changers. 

This is where The CFO Suite is a game changer for YOU.  We spend hundreds of hours not only evaluating your needs, but also identifying, screening, interviewing and shortlisting candidates.
The CFO Suite works with you to define what success looks like for your business and turns that into a compelling story to attract game changing talent. We create a consistent measurement / evaluation framework for assessing candidates and aligning your stakeholders. THIS is the kind of support and guidance you need to identify and land game changers.
Finally, whether for a permanent position, or an interim or project staffing need, we have a truly global view of the talent market. We don’t miss great candidates, so you can be confident that our “short-list” includes the game changers you need. You’ll know each candidate you hire is the best available in the market.

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