May 20th is World Whisky Day

A little history lesson… It’s said that monks traveling into Scotland in 1100 fermented grain mash and created the first “whisky”. Whisky, or whiskey, became available to all when King Henry VIII disbanded monasteries and the monks continued to distill this potent gift in order to make a living. The rest is history…

You’ll make history, too when we find you the next game changer for your team. Pour a nice, aromatic whisky and toast to your successes!

Also the history and debate of the spelling goes all the way back to when both Scotland and Ireland were the first countries to take production of Whiskey seriously. Since the two countries have different dialects, that meant using “ey” for the Irish and “y” for the Scottish.  Initially, the U.S. had both spellings floating around, not really able to choose just one; however, the high influx of Irish immigrants in the 1800s and the creation of American Whiskey in 1840 solidified the “ey” spelling.

World Whisky Day is surely a day worth celebrating. Cheers!

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