Promotions Announcement!

With the continued integration of The CFO Suite with E78 Partners, I am thrilled to announce the promotion to Managing Director of Kristy Boles and Sabiha McConnell.  Both have now taken on firmwide roles as leaders of E78 Partners’ Executive Search and Finance & Accounting: Consultative & Interim Services practices, respectively. 

Further, I am equally thrilled to announce the promotion to Senior Director of Kim Parker who will lead E78 Partner’s Leadership & Transaction Service customer relations efforts, and Corey Allen’s promotion to Director within E78 Partners’ Finance & Accounting: Consultative & Interim Services practice.

Having been key drivers of the success of The CFO Suite, each of these fearless leaders have proven their value to the combined organization and are expected to be key members of the leadership team going forward.  “I couldn’t be more proud of not only those who have been recognized with thoroughly deserved promotions and leadership positions, but also the rest of The CFO Suite team,” said Brett Lawson, CEO & Founder of The CFO Suite, “I am honored to work along side these individuals and look forward to working with them to grow E78 Partners to be a leading solutions provider to the Private Equity and Middle Market community.

Kristy Boles to lead the E78 Partners’ Executive Search Practice.

Kristy joined the company over eight years ago and is the reason we have a Houston office. A proven performer, leader, and team player she has consistently delivered results throughout her career. With an uncanny talent of staying level-headed and telling it like it is, she brings passion to every relationship and strives to be a recruiting partner with her clients and candidates. 

Here’s how to contact Kristy:

Sabiha McConnell to lead the E78 Partners Financial & Accounting: Consulting & Interim Services Practice.

Sabiha joined the company over six years ago and loves accounting and working alongside her clients. With over 25 years of public accounting and consulting experience across various industries, if we have a technical question she’s our go to, her clients even have her on speed dial. She’s always looking for a solution, ready to match the right talent to the need. 
Here’s how to contact Sabiha:

Kim Parker promoted to Senior Director.
Kim joined the company nearly eight years ago and is our self-proclaimed “CFO”, that’s “Chief Fun Officer”. Exceptional client service is really what she’s all about. Always looking for ways to inspire, engage, delight or create a lasting solution or memory. Kim’s focus on Finance and Accounting for over 20 years has earned her a reputation for identifying game changers that make the difference.  

Here’s how to contact Kim:

Corey Allen promoted to Director of Client Service.
Corey joined the company over two years ago and made an immediate impact on day one. Corey leverages over 20 years of public accounting, corporate accounting and consulting experience, across various industries, creating solutions tailored to the needs of each client. Some have called him the bankruptcy guy, with fresh start accounting being right in his wheelhouse but truth be told he’s just your go to technical guy.

Here’s how to contact Corey: